Oil Change and Maintenance

Regular maintenance is everything when you’re trying to make sure your car is always there for you when you need it. We can check your oil level and change the oil according to the appropriate service schedule. While we’re at it, we can check all your other fluids, battery voltage, air pressure, wiper blades, general tune-ups, pre-trip inspections, pre-trip inspections, and other maintenance musts.

Suspension Repair

Your car rolls over all kinds obstacles, from speed bumps to potholes, on a daily basis, and this poses a challenge for the set of components that make up your suspension. If you find your vehicle bouncing, squeaking, sagging or shaking, bring it to W & M Auto Repair. We can examine, repair and replace shocks, struts, springs, ball joints, control arms, sway bar bushings and other pieces of the suspension puzzle so you can enjoy a smooth, safe ride.

Transmission Repair

Manual transmissions, traditional automatic transmissions, and even CVTs (continuously variable transmissions) can fall prey to acute damage or gradual wear and tear. Whether your transmission is just slipping out of gear or completely dead, W & M Auto Repair can help. We can perform transmission flushes, replace axles, repair/replace a worn-out clutch, or even equip you with a rebuilt or all-new transmission to get you back into gear and back on the road.

Air Conditioning Repair

Long Island may be a cool place to live, but driving in Long Island temperatures may give you the opposite impression – especially when your vehicle’s AC isn’t working. If your air conditioner feels more like a hair dryer in the heat, come to cool off at W & M Auto repair. We can add freon, swap out bad hoses, repair your compressor and/or condenser, or even set you up with a whole new air conditioning syste

Tire and Wheel Care

You depend on your tires to get your vehicle where you want to go – and you can depend on W & M Auto repairl to keep those tires in shape. We offer tire rotation and mounting, tire balancing, flat tire repair or replacement, wheel alignment, wheel repair, wheel replacement, and (of course) periodic tire inspections to check for telltale signs of wear and tear.

Engine Diagnostics and Repair

Your engine is the heart of your vehicle, with multiple parts that must work together with great precision at all times. Fortunately, you have a great engine technitians here at W & M Auto repair. We can check every component of your engine, fuel injection and ignition systems to make sure your spark plugs, throttle, cylinders, belts, hoses, and other key parts are structurally sound and performing correctly. If your engine is suffering from a problem, we can replace faulty components or even rebuild your entire engine so you can keep enjoying your car for years to come.

Electrical Services

Your car’s electrics are like a human body’s central nervous system – if the signals don’t flow, the machine doesn’t go. You can trust W & M Auto repair to diagnose failures or weak performance caused by electrical issues, from batteries that are running out of juice to blown fuses, failed starters or alternators, burned-out lamps, and loose wiring. We also handle computer diagnostic services, from doing some detective work on that Check Engine light to replacing the computer module itself.

These are just some of the most common automotive problems we can remove from your list of worries. Whatever kind of performance or mechanical issue your car is having, bring it to W & M Auto repair or call us to come out and pick it up. We’re your all-in-one automotive answer center!